Forty percent of Harlow residents believe in Ghosts.

The Craft conducted a supernatural survey of local Essex residents, and found some surprising results.

Each participant was asked three questions: “Do you believe in ghosts?”, “Have you ever seen a ghost in Harlow?” and “Have you ever seen a ghost somewhere else?”

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Family see a crying ghost

The third girl the craft interviews about ghost sightings is Aimee Ward. She has been into Tarot reading and other psychic practises for a few years but says she has no psychic abilities, as most of these – in her opinion – can be put down to mental illness. Continue reading

Sisters see a ghost in a hallway mirror

The definitive moment in which I say to myself ‘I believe in the unknown’ was when I was ten years old. The story I am about to tell you can be backed up by my older sibling, as she also claims to have seen the same entity as me.

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Psychic medium talks about dealing with disbelief.

Crystal Kirchen is a psychic medium based in Michigan.

She agreed to open up to the craft about the disbelief psychics often face, as well as the right road to take if someone suspects that they are gifted.

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Interview with a psychic medium

In an interview with the psychic medium Crystal Kirchen, a journalist named Nicole had a reading and she says the experience was “Amazing. Crystal hit the nail on the head in so many areas, I can confirm to you that she is the real deal.”

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How to get rid of negative energies.

Not everyone will be open to the idea that you are being harassed by a negative energy, so if you look for advice on getting rid of negative energies…our first guidelines would be to speak to people who believe in the paranormal.

Most areas of England have groups of Pagans and spiritualists who will be happy to help, and the local library will be full of useful books. Continue reading